Python with WIndows and Cygwin

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To be able to install wheel files with a simple doubleclick on them you can do one the following:

1) Run two commands in command line under administrator privileges:

assoc .whl=pythonwheel
ftype pythonwheel=cmd /c pip.exe install "%1" ^& pause

2) Alternatively, they can be copied into a wheel.bat file and executed with 'Run as administrator' checkbox in the properties.

PS pip.exe is assumed to be in the PATH.


(1) Those can be combined in one line:

assoc .whl=pythonwheel& ftype pythonwheel=cmd /c pip.exe install -U "%1" ^& pause

(2) Syntax for .bat files is slightly different:

assoc .whl=pythonwheel& ftype pythonwheel=cmd /c pip.exe install -U "%%1" ^& pause

Also its output can be made more verbose:

@assoc .whl=pythonwheel|| echo Run me with administrator rights! && pause && exit 1
@ftype pythonwheel=cmd /c pip.exe install -U "%%1" ^& pause || echo Installation error && pause && exit 1
@echo Installation successfull & pause


From -

I wrote a tutorial here of how to do this.

Essentially, you need to:

brew install unixodbc
brew install freetds --with-unixodbc
Add the freetds driver to odbcinst.ini
Add a DSN (Domain Source Name) to odbc.ini named "MY_DSN"
pip install pyodbc
e = create_engine("mssql+pyodbc://username:password@MY_DSN")

The walkthrough here does a much more thorough job of explaining this, including issues with SQL Server/FreeTDS Protocol Version Compatibility.