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Domain Name Service (DNS)

The Domain Name Service provides mappings between host and domain names and their corresponding IP addresses (and vice versa - reverse resolution). As such, it is one of the glues that holds the Internet together.

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)

The named software which provides the DNS services is also know as bind. BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is the most commonly used DNS server on the Internet, especially on Unix-like systems, where it is a de facto standard. Supported by Internet Systems Consortium, BIND was originally created by four graduate students with CSRG at the University of California, Berkeley and first released with 4.3BSD. Paul Vixie started maintaining it in 1988 while working for DEC.

For example, on Debian servers you will find the NAMED configuration in /etc/bind!


The Name Resolution Daemon...


nslookup was the original tool used to lookup dns mappings. Recently the use of nslookup has become deprecated - it is recommend that the newer tool, dig, be used instead.


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